art.fair 21: essential – modern

Cologne, Germany. In 2003 the ART.FAIR 21 started as a complementary art fair parallel to the FINE ART COLOGNE. The international fair for 21st century art has taken a firm place in the international art scene. Once a year you can have a look on the promising artworks of the 21st century from all over the world, focused on artists born after 1960.

where is the wardrobe?
ruby anemic
ruby anemic – anemic eames – hang it all – hang it big, 2007

the skateboard bread
thomas raschke
thomas raschke – essen auf rädern, 1996
check out his ‘wire frames’!
|thomas raschke|

peter and the choclate factory
peter anton
peter anton – milk bar | dark bar | etc., 2007
|peter anton|
|galerie terminus|

self-imposed society formation
thomas schiela – nr.3, ACJ-party-cocktailbar, 6-03, 2004
|thomas schiela|
|galerie epikur|

|art-fair 21|

|jörn grothkopp|
|joan fontcuberta| – googlerama!

5 thoughts on “art.fair 21: essential – modern

  1. hey matylda,

    nice blog. i like the way you seem to experience design.
    i like the toshiba, too…


  2. hey tylda,
    is that skateboardbread also available as a DÖNER??

  3. Hey Matylda,

    i´ve seen that wardrobe in Rotterdam. It hangs next to the door of a designer located in the upper store of the same building where I´m doing my internship.

    Laszlo Rozsnoki

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