christian kayser: furniture with a twist


Here is another project from the Graduation show of the ABKM, Academy of Fine Arts & Design in Maastricht. Christian Kayser focused on synergy combined with the idea of applying resilience into furniture.

The title of his collection, that consists of 3 stools and 1 table, is Syn-kraft. It is a combination of the words synergy and energy.

The 3 stools are made of 2 different types of wood: 19mm oak and 19mm birch plywood. All rods are made of 4mm thick stainless steel. But the rods of one of the oak stools and of the multiplex have also a nickel coating.

As you can see on the pictures above, the user can twist the chair around while sitting on it. All stools are handmade by Christian in the workshop of the Academy. He told me that he had a little help from the teacher in the workshop but only in technical issues regarding the implementation.

Before starting to work on his final project, Christian was interning at Belgian designer Kaspar Hamacher, who’s work is all about wood.

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