christoph seyferth: from the block

four in a row

seyferth building maastricht seyferth bulding maastricht (

the seyferth bulding was one of the first things I liked about maastricht. I would describe it as a block-shaped wooden box that looks like a fort. since 2,5 years I was wondering who could have build this piece of uncommon architecture and who would live there. now I found out. I visited christoph seyferth at his house. and after I had some cake from his mum, we played four in a row. the ice was broken. we talked about him being an instructor at the tu eindhoven, about various ambassadors of design, abou malls and in general about possibilities of life.

domesticated landscapes domestic landscapes (a project from 2001)

christoph seyferth nai
some work and exhibition material

chritoph seyferth matylda krzykowski
christoph and me at the roof of the seyferth building maastricht (sbm)

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