david adjaye: a pavilion


yeah, thesedays it’s very trendy to do a pop-up shop (temporay shops, showrooms – at that time people use to call it guerilla store but now it’s the pop-up shop) or to build a pavilion (like frank o.gehry did for the serpentine gallery). this is another in south bank in london.

“sclera” is the name of this pavilion and the subtitle is “american tulipwood pavillion” which is designed by david adjaye for the london design festival 2008.

I am quoting david adjaye (source icon):” The pavilion is part of an ongoing discussion with myself about materiality, light and space. It’s another iteration dealing with the merging of construction, space, detail, ornament. It’s based on one overlapping construction detail – an overlap and a gap – and it’s about how to use a single material (it’s tomber), how to modulate light, how to use ornament.”

the pavilion is closed right now because one of the panels came loose. yeah, these things can happend.