established & sons: breakfast at the new studio in london

yesterday mornig my day started with the a breakfast at the new established & sons studio in north london. we just had some little problems to find the studio because it’s in an area which seems to be not discovered. anyways the studio is great, we got a tea and some fruit sticks and the important part, a warm welcome from minnie from established & sons. I’ve alreday seen the new collection of established & sons, design and manufacturing company, in milan at the design week earlier this year but I will show you my favourites and an some impressions of the showroom.

torch light by sylvain willenz

minnia from established & sons

the new studio + raw edges by shay alkalay + industrial facility by sam hecht

future system by amanda levete

the new studio + exhibited collection

konvex mirror by sebastian wrong

surface table by terence woodgate and john barnard + frame chair by wouter scheublin

the surface table is available in the sizez: 4 x 1.3m rectangular and 2 x 1.1m elliptical – the best table ever which has a thickness of just 2mm at the edge (five times thinner than its nearest equivalent)

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