matali crasset: another logic of… a designer



matali crasset is a french designer. I came across her name because she was on the cover of the icon magazine. (what other people have with hollywood celebrities, design interested students have with designers. haha)

I meet matali last thursday evening when I went to the opening of her ‘another logic of…’ exhibition at the rabih hage gallery. she is a philippe starck protégé. its something you (talking about myself!) don’t see in her work. at least in her latest designs. the form is flawless. fanciful. I felt like in a space station. matali is this woman who radiates this inner peace: a calm person who is confident and obviously want to share experiences with others. when I asked her to describe herself in one word, she immediately wrotes ‘a mother’. from her facial expression you can tell she has found her role in life with the creation of her daughter.


exhibition at gallery rabih hage in south kensington, london


matali crasset – her hair is her trademark


chandelier by matali crasset – interactive light. the light changes the colour to the colour of the food


matali demonstrating the chandelier, 2008


interior element by matali crasset, 2008


spring city video installation by matali crasset, 2008

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