modus operandi: my graduation project

I graduated yesterday. yeah. here is my project:

modus operandi

‘Led by an obsession for clean-cut form, the product design graduate has created a number of archetypal forms that relate with the common conception of a chair.

Matylda distorts and extracts the functionality through her ‘modus operandi’, exerting and gaining dominance over the chairs, transforming them into her conceptual pieces.

She proceeds like a remorseful ‘serial killer’, demonstrating a hedonistic and sometimes crazed approach, before reassessing her ‘victim’, realising her conduct and ceasing.’

modus operandi from Daniel van Hauten on Vimeo.

8 thoughts on “modus operandi: my graduation project

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  2. Poetic video, great design – I really dig that. You leave everybody curious about what you will do next.

    Congratulations, haartelijk gefeliciteerd, herzlichen Glückwunsch!