ross lovegrove in a bathroom

london-based industrial designer ross lovegrove visited cologne last night to present his istanbul bathroom collection for turkish brand vitra (I know what you think.. ‘doesn’t that name belong to the manufacturer of designer furniture? THE vitra‘)

during his speech the socalled captian organic described the range as ‘digital organic islamic’. what a description. but again he is using a nature based design language. so I really wanted to talk to ross but unfortunately he was so busy with talking to different people that I didn’t get the chance. what a pity..



ross lovegrove


Ioanna paraskeva from designspotter and ross lovegrove
during an interview


ross showing inspirations for his work – anish karpoor‘s cloud gate


toilet brush by ross lovegrove – beautiful object but quite heavy
to lift up


shower head by ross lovegrove – looks like a cluster of golf clubs


sink by ross lovegrove – a falling drop


bathroom by ross lovegrove – you can sit in the shower. what a comfort

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