shin azumi: use what you design


shin azumi and his trace armchair for desalto
distributed by bonluxat

shin azumi is raised in japan. he worked for the personal computer department of nec in japan before he came to london to study product design at the royal college of art. In 2005 shin set up a solo practice with the name ‘a studio‘.

the japanese culture is not used to be bounded to materialistic objects. chairs are also a rarity. shin described his first seating design experience as follows: ‘It took quite a long time to be confident enough to design a chair.’ In my humble opinion he he has gotten there. I like his attitude about design. for him, designers are eternal optimists. furthermore he likes using his created designs. not because he thinks they are the best, just because he can find out how it is to use them.


snowman milk pitcher, snowman container, snowman cups for authentics – the green cup is his favourite



tableware paper maquettes for the yauatcha restaurant
in soho, london


shin was a member of the if design award jury this year

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One thought on “shin azumi: use what you design

  1. Azumi Shin,
    Just a quick word of thanks to you, your work is very admirable. I am a ceramicist here in Canada, and just wanted to tell you the pleasure i have studying the volumes and forms you develop. I also appreciate the balance you bring to your work; not making a competition between function and aesthetic. Thank you.
    Arik de Vienne
    Arik de Vienne Design