stefanie seidl: every week is different


Object of Kostas Murkudis

In Central Berlin, on Linienstrasse 160, you can find a new gallery space. Berlin Weekly is a shop window. It’s open 24/7 and various artists and designers can show their work for 1 week of time.

Inside the gallery window
‘objects of desire from ten fashion designers’ by styleproofed
Exhibited during Fashion Week

Object of Leyla Piedayesh from Lala Berlin

Stefanie Seidl, photographer and owner of the new concept gallery, offers also a presentation of the artist’s/designer’s work on the Berlin-Weekly blog, which works basically as ‘web gallery’. Stefanie welcomes applications to exhibit at Berlin Weekly. If you are interested, drop her a line! She is happy to discuss good ideas.

Stefanie Seidl, owner of the gallery, with her dog Burschi

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